Internship: computational linguist / grammar engineer

Internship: computational linguist / grammar engineer

Duration: 6 months

Starting date: immediately

Description: Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris is a small but booming research cell in the center of Paris (France). It currently offers an internship of 6 months in its language team. During the internship, you will develop a basic grammar for Japanese and integrate the grammar within an existing Machine Translation application for Japanese-English and English-Japanese. As part of the internship, you will receive formation in the language technologies developed at Sony CSL Paris, including a.o. Fluid Construction Grammar ( You will receive a renumeration for your internship that complies to French legislation and Sony’s staff agreements. Sony is an equal opportunity employer and encourages anyone with the right qualifications to apply (requested background: Master student in computer science, computational linguistics, artificial intelligence or equivalent). Please send your resume and motivation letter to Dr Remi van Trijp (

New book release: Computational Issues in FCG

The new volume on FCG, Computational Issues in Fluid Construction Grammar has been released today at Springer. It targets readers that are interested in the technical underpinnings of the formalism (implementation, formal analysis) and in-depth case studies on challenging topics such as Polish negation, German information structure, Spanish modal scope, etc.

You can now download chapters from this website.

  • New formalism for the representation of lexicons and grammars
  • Investigating language learning and language evolution
  • Robust language processing

Keywords » NLP – deep language processing – first order logic – machine translation -morphology