FCG tutorial at Morphology Days 2015

A tutorial on the basics of Fluid Construction Grammar will be held on 17 December 2015 in Leuven on the occasion of the Morphology Days 2015. Katrien Beuls and Paul Van Eecke will lead the two-hour tutorial and guide you through the basic grammar operations and the new simplified notation that should make it easier to understand the kind of constructional processing FCG makes possible.

Fifth video lecture published

The fifth video lecture is ready for streaming now! It provides you with all the information you need for writing your own goal tests that influence the way the FCG search process will come up with solutions. You can go to the latest lecture through this link.

New book release: Computational Issues in FCG

The new volume on FCG, Computational Issues in Fluid Construction Grammar has been released today at Springer. It targets readers that are interested in the technical underpinnings of the formalism (implementation, formal analysis) and in-depth case studies on challenging topics such as Polish negation, German information structure, Spanish modal scope, etc.

You can now download chapters from this website.

  • New formalism for the representation of lexicons and grammars
  • Investigating language learning and language evolution
  • Robust language processing

Keywords » NLP – deep language processing – first order logic – machine translation -morphology